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A Warts ‘n’ All Story of Living (for a while) with Eye Cancer.

This is the story of dealing with Ocular Melanoma and potentially, its rather less humorous sidekick, death.

Ocular melanoma, the more cultured cousin of eye cancer, is a distinct and rarified breed, much like a unicorn but less sparkly. It’s officially christened ‘uveal melanoma’ and has a knack for taking up residence in the melanin-producing cells around your eyes. If you’ve forgotten secondary school biology, melanin is the stellar pigment responsible for your skin, hair, and eye colour.

This quirky little bugger is a rarity, recruiting about 850 Brits to its exclusive club each year. It’s a master of hide and seek, often showing up uninvited during a routine eye exam as if it’d been there the whole time sipping tea.

A select few with this unwelcome lodger may notice blurred vision, an unexpected dark smudge on the iris, a pupil looking more Picasso than classic portrait, or floaters. No, not those bathroom jokes your five-year-old (or, in our case, our 30-year-old) finds hilarious, but specks or squiggles cluttering your field of vision.

Well, here goes. This is my saga from page one.

As for the finale? I’m as in the dark as a bat at noon. But hey, you’re welcome to join me on this honest-to-goodness, blemishes and all, rollercoaster ride.

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If none show up for a while, it either means I’m dead or just couldn’t be bothered to write anything…..

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